Yazaki’s Electric Cable Division Plans 57,000t Shipment in Coming Fiscal Year

Yazaki Corporation’s electric wire and cable division plans the domestic shipment volume at approximately 57,000 tonnes of copper for the coming fiscal year ending in June 2013, decreasing by 3% from the previous fiscal year. The shipment volume is expected to keep same level or to increase slightly for building wires while the demand condition is sharply deteriorating for power distribution cables and metal telecom cables. Japanese power companies have dramatically shrunk investment for their infrastructures since the major earthquake. Yazaki plans to promote sales of the new items of building wires such as branch cables.

The shipment volume is estimated to increase by 5% to approximately 59,000 tonnes of copper in the current fiscal year ending in June 2012 from the corresponding term. The shipment volume is increasing by 9% in year-to-year basis for building wires, which represents around 75% of the total shipment. The sales have favorably increased for new items of CVT cable (triplex-type XLPE insulated and vinyl sheath cable) or VVF cable (vinyl insulated and vinyl sheathed flat-type cable). The annual revenue is estimated to increase by 9% to approximately 70 billion yen. The yearly recurring loss in the previous fiscal year would turn to the black.